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/ Сочинения / Разное / Сочинения на английском / Imagine your life in 2050

Imagine your life in 2050

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    You can take your robot-dog in virtual reality and you will live in underwater cities with sharks and whales because there will be very bad atmosphere and we will get into the water forever.
     The education in future will be very easy because scientists will get to all children mini disc with all information and children needn‘t to go to school.
    A lot of people sink that the home life will be better then now. First of all they know that all housework will doing by robots and people will doing only cooking and water the flowers.
    Space exploration will be very easy for us and we will go to the alfa-centaurus for weekends.
    We will opened many galaxies and find aliens. We also invite environmentally-friendly cars.
    There will be one big city on earth which named mega-city. There were a lot of thieves, killers and drug traders.


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/ Сочинения / Разное / Сочинения на английском / Imagine your life in 2050

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