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My city (Сочинение на английском языке)

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    I live in Moskow, capital of Russia. More than nine millions people live in Moskow and all of them are very proud of their city.
    Moskow was built by Yuri Dolgoruki. First it was made of wood, than - from white stone, and finally of red stone.
    One legend says that Moskow belonged to boyar Kuchka. Prince Yuri approached to Moskow, and boyar didn`t want to let him go into the city. Then Yuri became angry and came into city by means of the army. Than Moskow became Yuri`s city.
    There is a river near our city. It`s name is Moskow river. But I think it`s not very pretty river, because of rubbish, waste and other pollutions. There are so many zinc and salts of heavy metals in thise river, that it is possible to to develop a film in it`s water!
    There are a lot of sport constructions in Moskow, because many inhabitans are interesting in sport. There are more than two hundreds of pools, about forty palaces of sports, over thirty stadiums, more than twenty covered ice arenas, a bicycle track. There are also two arenas for races in Moscow.
    My town is famous for it`s monuments, institutes and museums. The most well-know place is The Kremlin.
    Moskow is the largest economic center in Russia. There are a lot of banks, large firms and factories. This city is also large center of mechanical engineering, the chemical and polygraphic industry.

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/ Сочинения / Разное / Сочинения на английском / My city (Сочинение на английском языке)

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