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My school

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    I*m a pupil of a specialized English school number 1210. This school was founded in 1963, so this year it celebrated its 40 anniversary. Many pupils have been working there since that time. Let me told you some words about my school.
     If a foreign delegation comes to our school, I*ll show them around school. We will begin with the ground floor of the main building. There is the school gym and the clock – room. Then we will go to the headmaster*s room and get aquiented with the head of our school. We*ll go to the first floor where the classes of primery school are situated. On the second and third floors there are classrooms of Russian, Literature and Mathematics. They are well aquiped with play-recorders and TV sets. All these is making progress of our studies better.there are classrooms of Chemistry, Biology and Physics. It can be called the Experimental laboritory because many experiments are carried out there. On that floor there is Assambly hall. Assambly hall is the center of all school activity. We celebrated holidays.
     Then I*ll show our guests the English part of our school.There we have our English, German and French. On the second floor there is the Museum of school number 1210 which is famous all over our district and a computer class.


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/ Сочинения / Разное / Сочинения на английском / My school

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